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Cars are innovating and the driving force lies in the heart of automotive applications.The trend has evolved from conventional applications such as, GPS Navigation, infotainment to driver monitoring systems, ADAS and ultimately, autonomous cars.

As more safety, connectivity and automation feature emerges, memory manufacturers are under immense pressure to increase capacity with memory die shrinks, which result in memory reliability reductions.

At ATP Electronics, we believe that memory reliability does not dependent solely on the memory device, but also on the supplier’s capability in terms of Supply Chain management and joint validation.

Thanks to our longevity-focused life cycle management, ATP Electronics has the capability to support the automotive product life cycle from start to end with highly reliable memory products

For years, ATP Electronics has been working closely within the automotive industry in pushing the boundaries for automotive innovations and businesses.

We have gained vast experiences working with well-known global brands as well as tier 1 & 2 automotive suppliers. .
We are more than just a memory supplier — we are your partner for reliable memory solutions with a global team of experienced employees that allow us to support your projects in any technical or commercial aspect.

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About ATP Electronics:
Founded in the Silicon Valley in 1991, ATP Electronics is the leading Industrial Memory Solutions provider of NAND flash to DRAM modules suited for Automotive, Networking/Telecom, IPC/Embedded Systems, IoT and more

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