The first Luxury Automotive Consultancy & Personal Shopper for Car Buyers in the Middle East

For the first time in the Middle-East, CARISTOCRAT presents THE CONSULTANT, the First Luxury Automotive Consultancy and Advisory for Car Buyers.

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CARISTOCRAT is the first-ever application delivering you a complete Luxury Automotive Experience. Download the App for FREE and get the latest updates from the Automotive Industry.

CARISTOCRAT is the app that allows you to access:

• Autolife: is a lifestyle window connecting you to what’s happening in the Luxury Automotive in terms of news, events, motorsports, leaders’ opinions, interviews, celebrities and test drives of new cars.

• Luxury Cars Market: All in one place from new luxury cars to the approved pre-owned, zero mileage cars with exciting offers to classic cars. Comprehensive research on car specifications, life cycles and depreciation trend of each car enables you to find the right car. Whether you want to trade in your car against your dream car or you want to simulate your purchase through virtual buy, Caristocrat is an exclusive Luxury Car Market which provides all those features which add value to your next car purchase decision.

• CarEducation: Automotive educational and advisory section, aiming to provide you with expert advices. Information about interesting motoring subjects helps you acquire information such as: Negotiation skills, Motoring history, after-sales ABC’s, Technology and updates, Future Cars and much more

• Women Only: A Unique Dedicated area only for Women which is a mix of lifestyle, education, and consultancy. Aiming to keep the ladies updated with the latest trends in the automotive industry. It includes interviews with successful women in the industry, Interviews with car collectors, Interviews with women passionate about racing and driving

• The Consultant: A complete 360-degree advisory and expert consultancy for luxury cars. It covers these areas:
1: You want to compare cars? CARISTOCRAT allows you to do the professional comparison of cars belonging to the same segment of cars.

2: You want to see what others say about your dream car? We’ve got reviews from the consumers who own luxury cars.

3: You want to sell your car for cash? No need to wait for the leads and waste your time searching for prospects anymore. Let them find you through Caristocrat. Evaluate your car online and get the best offers from your local dealerships. Set a date and time for physical inspection and sell your car directly to all major dealers.

4: Want expert advice while you are buying a new car? Here comes our service called Physical Consultancy and Personal Shopper. Take a personal one to one session with our consultant. Let him find the car for you that suits your needs​. Now you can appoint one of our experienced and trained luxury cars personal shoppers which will support you in your purchase journey starting from the consultation session until the handover ceremony passing by several buying process such as: Market researches, Comparisons, Shortlisting, Models Presentations, Test drives, Price negotiations, Best Finance Rate, Best Insurance Rate, Payment and Registration Handover

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